How to Store Green Onions

It used to be that I'd see a recipe I wanted to make that called for green onions and I'd groan. We try to only go to the grocery store once a week and our green onions were usually limp by the time they'd been in the house for 24 hours. We tried storing them in the refrigerator. We tried storing them on the counter. It didn't seem to matter.

As it seems we like a lot of recipes that call for green onions I was determined to find a way to make them last more than 24 hours. A bundle of green onions doesn't cost much but I was tired of wasting them and tired of having to make last minute trips to the grocery store. (I'm sure the fact that we've never really succeeded in going in and ONLY picking up the green onions had something to do wit that. Hello impulse buys!) After a round of internet searches and some trial and error this what we do now.

Fist, you want to take a few sheets of paper towel -- or a tea towel would work -- and get them damp. You want to leave the paper towels attached. I usually use several sheets, which turns out to be about the length of a standard tea towel.

Next, you want to lay the dampened paper towel down on the counter. Separate your green onions.

Then you want to place one green onion near the edge of the power towel, wrap the edge of the paper towel over it and roll the green onion toward the center. After one full revolution add a second green onion and roll both of them together toward the center.

how to store green onions

Then you keep adding green onions after every revolution. It's a bit like making a jelly roll.

how to store green onions

Usually when I reach the end I have enough excess paper towel to roll a few extra layers around the whole bunch. If the green onions are much taller than the paper towel you can angle it a bit as you roll to cover the tips. Or you trim them off. I'm generally too lazy to do that.

Once you've got your bundle of green onions, stick them in a large resealable plastic bag, pop it in your refrigerator and done!

how to store green onions

Green onions will last for several days this way. We have some that have been in the refrigerator for a week and while they are not in perfect condition with a bit of trimming here and there (mostly the tips and small shoots) they are still useable.

I hope that helps you as much as it has helped us.

Do you know another way to store green onions? Please share in the comments!