Monday Meal Plan, June 10

I will be smarter about the meal plan this week than I was last week. Last week was a busy week for both Lee and I and I was a tad too ambitious with some of the items. It did not help that we were both fighting off colds and it seems my body's way of fighting off germs these days it to descend into complete exhaustion that leaves me on the edge of tears for days. And ok, the weather didn't help. There's not much that is more depressing than turning on the heat in June.

This week is still going to be busy. I'm trying very hard not to wish these busy times away because I hate to wish time away but we're both ready for a slower pace. We're not quite there yet -- maybe by the weekend -- but in the meantime I'm going to try to keep things simple.

Monday: Chipotle salsa baked chicken with quinoa and salad.

Tuesday: Crunchy baked pork chops and creamed corn.

Wednesday: Ham hash and salad.

Thursday: It will just be me at home for dinner so either soup or pasta. Unless there's leftover ham hash. (Unlikely.)

Friday: Pizza night. It's been awhile since we've made a homemade pizza. I'm thinking there's a bacon cheeseburger pizza in our future.

Saturday: We are supposed to have good weather next weekend (no rain!) so I'm guessing we'll grill something. Or maybe we'll have donairs. We've got a couple of packages of donair meat in the freezer.

Sunday: Cumin-crusted tofu tacos with avocado salad and chipotle cream.


I need to make more granola because we don't have enough to get through the week. I think I'm going to whip up some of Burgh Baby's Greek salad dressing, though maybe only a half batch because we're got a rather lot of jars of things at the moment. (We have a lot of jam. What can I say? It's easy to make. Also spice blends because ditto.) I'm going to toss together some of of mango and black bean quinoa salad for lunches. It will probably be a bit like this one from Kim's Healthy Eat's but minus the jalapeno because I forgot to buy them (again). And I think maybe, just maybe, next weekend I might make layered nacho dip. It's so much better when it's homemade and we haven't had it in ages.

What are you cooking this week?