Meal Plan Monday, April 6

We had a great weekend, but it was a busy weekend. Lots of comparative shopping and yard work. Who needs to do a squat challenge when you can just pull dandelions out of the yard? We also blew the weekend meal plan by forgetting to take the pork out of the freezer. That makes it difficult to turn one pork shoulder into two weekend meals. Oops.

We made it work. We had donairs on Saturday night. They were originally our Friday night plan but we decided to do a dinner date night on Friday instead. Mmmm sushi. Since we we had to buy pitas for the donairs, we picked up a few extras and made pita pizzas for dinner on Sunday. The pita pizzas were a real winner last night. After all the yard work (plus a round of golf for Lee) we were both exhausted. Pita pizzas took us about five minutes to prep -- most of which was grating cheese -- and only ten minutes to cook.

This is how this week is shaping up!

Monday: Beef stir fry with snow peas and quinoa rice blend. (Note to self, make extra quinoa so you can eat it for lunch.)

Tuesday: We've had a bone-in turkey breast hanging out in the freezer for awhile. I'm going to pop it in the slow cooker. I'm going to more or less use Stephanie O'Dea's recipe. I haven't decided on whether I'll use wine or stock yet. Or what we are having with it. Maybe something sweet potato-y since I think I have a few stray sweet potatoes kicking around.

Wednesday: Chicken burgers with either peanut sauce or sriracha mayo. We need to pick up burger buns because the grocery store was darned near cleaned out of all buns and we totally out of the kind we like for chicken burgers. (We like the really thin ones for chicken burgers for some reason.) I think everyone was having impromptu BBQs this weekend.

Thursday: Just me at home. I'm thinking pasta.

Friday: Pizza night.

Saturday: Pork chops and whatever needs to be cleaned out of the fridge

Sunday: We're heading to Toronto so it will be dinner out tonight and the next couple of nights.

Extras: We's so making these grilled cheesecake turnovers from Sarah's Cucina Bella. I'm not sure what flavour yet though -- I need to see what kind of jam we have in our fridge.

What are you cooking this week?