Summer Office - Check!

We moved into our house July 2010. We considered ourselves luvky that it came with a deck. It was on less thing that we had to do. We had plans for this deck. It didn't seem like they were likely to happen quickly. 

When we moved into the house the deck was untreated. Or, if had been treated any evidence thereof had disappeared. We kept saying we should stain it. We finally did last fall. It took eight hours. (It's a big deck.) 

What we had really wanted from the beginning was a patio table with an umbrella. Something that could sit six and where I could work during the summer days. I work from home. It's nice to be able to work outside on nice days. We knew it wouldn't happen that first summer. We had installed hardwood floors on the upper level (getting rid of some truly gross carpet in the process) and had a new furance installed. Things like patio tables would have to wait. 

The former owners had left a cheap plastic table and we could squeeze six people around it using the built in benches on the deck (did I mention the deck was a big plus?) and folding chairs. We also had a folding card table we'd haul from time to time. We bought a couple of loungers so we could at least hang out on the deck. We made do thinking that we'd do buy a set the next summer. And then the next summer. Other priorities appeared. 

Spring was slow to come to Ottawa this year. Just two weeks ago we snow. Spring finally came in the past week, looking very much like summer. I love working from home but there are days when I just desperately wanted to be outside. I've been taking my lunch breaks outside and let me tell you, it's been really hard to back and sit at my desk after those breaks. 

This weekend I was determined that we were finally going to do some patio furniture shopping. I sat down, crunched numbers and figured out our budget. We didn't need a full set because, again, of those lovely built in benched. We needed a table, four chairs (technically, only three but it felt too weird to buy an odd number), umbrella and umbrella stand. 

We checked out three stores yesterday. It would have been four but Canadian Tire closes at the unseemly hour of 7pm on Saturdays. We figured out things we liked. We figured out what we didn't.

The chairs were the first thing we decided on. They were a steal at $25 each at the Canadian Superstore. They had umbrella bases for $19 and the umbrella was $39. They also had a cute side table for $19 that would go nicely with our loungers. We took notes and pictures on Saturday and went back on Sunday to buy them. Total for chairs, umbrella, umbrella stand and side table was $188. So far, so good.  

Of yeah, we bought a side table too.

We had a harder time deciding on the table. We debated glass vs. metal table tops. Given our budget constraints, as much as we liked a couple of metal table tops they were a really hard sell. Maybe in a few years we may upgrade to a metal top but for now it was a glass top for us. We wavered about still as tried to decide. There was one at the Canadian Superstore that we hadn't really looked at because at that point we were still thinking metal, not glass. When we went back to look at it we decided it was a bit too flimsy for our liking. 

Assent begins on my outdoor office. ;)

(We also wonder/debate if the displays are ever as flimsy as they seem. Is it just a bad construction job? Discuss among yourselves.) 

It was down to two glass top tables at Canadian Tire. There wasn't really a significant enough price differece between the two for that to be a big factor -- only $30. In the end we decided that by eyes the glass seemed to be better attached to the one of the tables than the other. Perhaps surpringly, it was the cheaper option. Grand total for our table? $109. Score! 


Et voila! Summer office complete!

Grand total for our new patio set? We squeaked in just under $300 at $297. That's UNDER budget you guys. Yay! I think with that money we saved we might just use some of those savings buy ourselves a few new BBQ accesories so some summer dishes. Maybe some of those ones you put ice in the bottom to keep salads and dips cold. If I'm going to be working out here, I need snacks!