Monday Meal Plan, May 27

We didn't have a meal plan last week. I mean, we KIND of did but we really didn't follow it. It was one part due to Monday being a holiday in Canada, which threw us off. It was also one part because we did a really bad job of shopping for our meal plan. For example, we had pulled pork on the menu and we fully intended to have pulled pork sandwiches but we didn't buy buns. But we did what we do -- we made it work.

We had tortillas in the house so Lee had pulled pork tacos. I made some quinoa and had a pulled pork quinoa bowl. (It was so good I had another one for breakfast the next morning.) We were supposed to have chicken burgers on Tuesday but forget that we had a 6pm meeting and it was crappy weather so no one wanted to grill. I peek in the freezer found some meatballs so we had spaghetti and meatballs. The plan was to have burgers the next day but I was feeling ambitious and energetic so I made dumplings. Thursday was yet another cold and rainy day. I was inspired to make this oat soda bread (which I recommend you all do because it's fabulous and if you don't have soy milk, regular milk worked just fine for me) and since oat soda bread goes well with soup I made a quick carrot ginger soup. Friday was movie night so we grabbed a pizza before the movie.

We had no idea what we were going to have on Saturday until I got up Saturday morning, saw a picture of ribs on Instagram and said, "HEY! I want ribs!" So ribs it was. We also made a trip to a grocery store we only go to a few times a year and I totally blew the grocery budget. Oops. It's not really surprising since I frequently blow the budget in this store but for this week we're trying to keep things lean and plan out of our pantry and freezer.

Monday: Brown rice bowl with lemongrass, tofu, and cashews. We might use a quinoa and rice blend instead of brown rice because I'm not sure if we have enough of just brown rice.

Tuesday: Grilled pork chops and veggies.

Wednesday: Mini ham and cheese quinoa cups and salad.

Thursday: Just me at home so I'm trying yet another sun-dried tomato pesto.

Friday: Wing night! Do you remember when chicken wings used to be inexpensive? It's been a long time. We don't buy them because chicken drumsticks are generally much cheaper but we found a decent price on some wingettes so we're going to make wing(ette)s. Now we need to decide what kind of wing(ette)s we want. I'm leaning toward using this chipotle-orange glaze. Or maybe these sweet and sticky hot wings? And right now I'm leaning toward stuffed potatoes to go with them but that will probably change by Friday. Maybe we'll have sweet potatoes...

Saturday: Burgers on the grill and whatever kind of salad I can whip up.

Sunday: Fajitas. Chicken? Beef? Veg? Who knows! I think I'll also make this taco night rice.

What are you cooking this week?