His Majesty's Hope: A Maggie Hope Mystery By Susan Elia MacNeal

his majesty's hope maggie hope mystery susan elis macnealDear Maggie, 

Oh Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. You've been on quite the roller coaster, haven't you? You were just minding your own business, typing away for Prime Minister Churchill and doing a darned good job of it. Ok, fine. You were bored but aside from that life was just fine. You had a house in London, you were doing good work and you had fabulous friends. I'm especially fond of David. Then you got mixed up in codes and schemes and one of your best friends tried to kill the Prime Minister and you helped diffuse a bomb. Oh, and you found out your father was alive even though you'd been told he was dead your whole life.

Then you go to spy school and that doesn't go swimmingly, which I totally understand as someone who never did any better than bronze in the Canada Fitness Test. (Fact: While I would likely do better at some things today, I'd be worse at others and I suspect I'd only earn the dreaded "participation badge". *shudder*) But Frain and Churchill understood just how valuable you really were and placed you in the royal household. You tutored Lilibeth in math, taught her codes, and stumbled into a few mysteries. You learned that you still have a lot to learn about this whole secret agent thing and letting your personal feelings get in the way. You also learned that you have power when you are in the field and how to use it when someone is being an ass to you. You stopped a plot to kidnap a member of the royal family in a way that involved escaping from a u-boat. Well done you! Unfortunately it followed by the news that your father is not the only one to come back from the supposed dead and hey, your mother is alive! And she's not a very good person. 

You noticed I omitted your love life because well, I was pretty gutted about John. Not as much as you, of course, but still gutted. I'm sure Hugh seemed like a really swell guy and I thought you guys worked really well together professionally but I was dubious about the romantic aspect of things. You see, I knew things that you didn't know. Things that you found out in this book and well, I have to say that we were both surprised on some points. Hugh has some growing up to do and I'm really quite concerned about some of the choices I think he's making. (I may be wrong... but if I'm not you want to run in the other direction Maggie. Fast.) And John... I don't even know what to say about John at this point. He broke my heart right along with yours and I don't blame you at all for going on a gin bender. I would too.

As for your family... I kind of want to smack your dad. Official Secrets Acts be damned, he needs to sit down and have a decent conversation with you. About everything. (You know, some day people will be released from the Official Secrets Act and will tell their stories and we will hold you all in awe.) Your mother is a real piece of work. I say that somewhat admiringly. She's certainly not a good person but you have to admire her survival instinct. And she has great kids. Yes, kids. Plural. You have a sister! Elise! She's fabulous. I'm so glad you became friends but I'm so sorry you didn't get to tell Elise about your connection to each other. Or talk to her about it all because of everything that happened.

Speaking of everything that happened... you need to listen to Frain, Maggie. Don't argue. He's right. I understand why you don't want to listen to him, I really do. It's a physical reminder of everything. It's everything you didn't know that you felt you should have and how everything can go wrong. I know it hurts and I know you are taking comfort in the physical pain because it feels right. But it has go Maggie. Listen to Frain. I know you are mad at him the same way you are mad at everyone and rightfully so but he's still right. (And isn't that annoying?)

Please give my love to David. He's also had quite the year. I hope he's recovering nicely and that he's very happy with his situation.

PS. I don't know if you are aware but Mrs. Churchill likes you very much and worries about you. So does the Prime Minister, in his own way.


Disclosure: I received an ARC of His Majesty's Hope from Susan Elia MacNeal's publicist. All opinions here are my own and I was not compensated for this review. I really do love Maggie and I'll be buying my own copy of His Majesty's Hope soon because the ARC does not have the right cover and OMG I love the covers for these books so that simply will not do.