Week One, Run Two

Or, the run where I was accidentally an asshole. 

You see, I run mostly on the paths in my neighbourhood. We're very lucky that we live in an area that is full of paths. There is, however, one spot where I need to cross a street. It was rather busy at the exact moment I ended up there on my run. There were other runners, cars coming from multiple directions and I decided to step off the path and cut a corner so I'd be out of everyone's way. Unfortunately an elderly lady coming from the opposite direction had the exact same thought at the exact same time and neither of us saw the other. 

We both zigged when one of use should have zagged and boom - full body contact. 

Yes, I plowed directly into an elderly lady on my run. I AM AWESOME. 

Being Canadian, we both apologized profusely, straighted each other up and went on our way but still. I am the asshole who ran right into an elderly lady. Rock on. 



- I hit my benchmark, which happens to be an actual bench. I know I want to be past that bench before I get the halfway into my run. I hit that today. 

- A lot of the snow and ice melted between Monday and Wednesday. It means it's really muddy but it's easier to run in mud than on ice. 


- I ran into an elderly woman. I suck.