First Run of Spring

I am a lazy runner. Like all forms of exercise, I like the idea of more than the reality but I'm also far more likely to run than anything else. I also, unfortunately, have the bad habit of being in the mood to run at the worst times. That is to say, I tend to want to go running when I really can't. 

My schedule has shifted this month. It's both good and bad but the good is that I'm taking chunks of time away from the computer during the day. Exactly when I take the time off changes every day but every day I'm taking a couple of hours at a time away from the computer. I've been doing things like clean and exercise. Or I make puzzles. Or bake breads. Now that we (hopefully) have left winter behind us, it's time to hit the trail. 

You see, I've signed up for the Army Run 5k when registration opened two months ago. Last year was my first year doing it and I loved it. I think it's a fabulous race. Last year I barely ran at all and when I was standing in the corral I was really angry with myself over that. This year, I want to do better. I don't just mean in terms of time (though that would be nice) but I don't want to be standing in that corral in September disappointed with myself again. 

I have a hard time running in cold weather due to both circulation and breathing issues, so I've been watching the weather and waiting. I sucked it up and did workouts on the stationary bike, which I loathe. Yesterday I looked at the weather and knew that today was go day. 

It was good and bad. 


I debated whether or not I wanted to use the C25K app again. I've started and stopped it more times than I could count. But I also knew that it would -- in theory -- keep me from trying to go too far too fast. It certainly did. Since I've started it so many times I know where I should be at the halfway point and I was well short of it. Part of that was the snow and ice that were still on parts of the trail. Part of it was also me going purposely slow because I was worried about the cooler weather triggering an asthma attack. I didn't. And you know, slow's ok. Slow it much better than the first time I ever tried the C25K app and went too fast and seriously thought I was going to vomit by the halfway point. (I am not so good at finding that balance of pushing myself just hard enough and far too hard.) Maybe some day I'll remember to switch the settings to kilometers. 

I think the first run of the year is always a good learning run. I learned there's still ice and snow on the trail, which means I'll be dealing with mud for at least a month. I learned that once again I really didn't tie my shoes tight enough (I had to pause to deal with that one). I also tried out my new Belkin Easfit and realized I accidentally bought the Easefit Plus, which has a longer armband. Which means it barely fits me. Oops. I bought it months ago so it's far too late to return it. Darn. I'm stuck using it for at least a little bit longer because April = taxes. 

It was a slow run, but a good run. I'll get faster. It will get less muddy. I'll eventually have an armband that fits. All in all, it was a good start to the season.