Meal Plan Monday, April 1

Hellllooooo April. You are already looking so much nicer than March. The snow piles are shrinking! I see grass! My little, depressed gargoyle came out to play! While I'm sure winter is going to come back and slap us in the face with one (or more) last burst, I'm hopeful that the end is in sight.

We kept things quiet this weekend and lucked out when we discovered some cooked turkey in our freezer. And then we discovered some stuffing too. An Easter feast of leftovers was created, or as Elizabeth dubbed it, a resurrection dinner. I will probably think of that every time we made dinner out of leftovers from now on.

On to the meal plan!

Monday: Chicken with peanut curry sauce.

Tuesday: Skillet lasagna but I'm kind of skeptical that this will fit in our skillet so it's probably going to be dutch oven lasagna.

Wednesday: We're going out to dinner.

Thursday: Soup. I think. Or leftovers. Or something from the freezer.

Friday: Ballet night! Lee is going to grab a pizza on his way home and then we're going to head to the NAC early so we can go to Le Café for dessert.

Saturday: Sweet chili chicken and warm potato salad. (Yes, we're still working our way through all those potatoes.)

Sunday: Pulled pork

Extras: I've got some bread rising as I type. I want to make some make-ahead lunches. I'm thinking maybe mini-pizzas. I'm probably going to have to make more granola either this weekend or next week. We're starting to get low again.

What are you cooking this week?