COME ON SPRING! Monday Meal Plan March 18

I am so done with winter. I was trucking along quite well, all things considered, but when I saw the snow falling on Friday something inside me just snapped. I am more than ready for spring and while the calendar may say it's coming this week, the weather report indicates otherwise. I spent a lot of this weekend distracting myself by cooking things. I made no-knead bread. I made another batch of granola. I made ribs. I pulled all the oranges and grapefruits out of the fridge and made a citrus fruit salad. And when I sat down to make my meal plan, I tried not to think how much more I'd like it if I was able to fill it with things we could cook on the grill and then eat outside.

Monday: Oven fried pork cutlets with fennel-chickpea slaw from Real Simple: Easy, Delicious Home Cooking -- a cookbook we do not own but check out from the library ever few months. We'll buy it eventually. I don't always love Real Simple recipes but they got a lot of things right with this cookbook.

Tuesday: Baked falafel patties from Kalyn's Kitchen and spinach salad. We've had a hard time finding jars of tahini that aren't more spendy than we'd like so I'm thinking of trying to make my own tahini the next time we run out. Has anyone tried making it?

Wednesday: Slow cooker beef tacos with cabbage-radish slaw. This is another recipe from Real Simple: Easy, Delicious Home Cooking.

Thursday: Pasta, soup, or leftovers -- whichever seems easier at the time.

Friday: Veg pizza.

Saturday: The weather is currently slated to be above freezing so we're going to grill. We're just not sure what we're grilling yet. Possibly our favourite chicken burgers (mmm peanut sauce). Or maybe shrimp.

Sunday: Roast chicken and the usual fixings. If I forget to take the chicken out in time to thaw (past experience has shown this is very likely) we have cooked leftover turkey in the freezer that I can pull out.

What are you cooking this week?