Meal Plan Monday March 11

Why is it that weekends seem to by so very quickly? I close down my computer on Friday evening, I blink, and the next thing I know it's 5pm on Sunday and I have a case of the end-of-weekend sads. It didn't help that this weekend was a time change weekend. I hate the actual act of changing time. It messes me up and makes me feel out of sorts.

This weekend we knocked a big to do items off our list. After spending the last year going into furniture stores and not finding what we were looking for, we ended up in the first store we went to and bought the first sectional we had liked. The fact that it's one of the few sectionals we found that will actually fit in our space played highly in its favour. Our living room is small and we're trying to maximize seating. We should be sitting on it by early May. Yay!

We're hoping to keep things quiet this week and into the weekend. We'll still be eating lots of good food.

Monday: Curried lentils with spinach and indian spices (from The Looneyspoons Collection). Lee picked out this one.

Tuesday: We're going out for dinner at The Glen. Mmm fish and chips.

Wednesday: Temps are looking good this week and with the time change we have a bit more daylight in the evenings so we're going to fire up the grill. Yogurt-marinated grilled chicken and Jamie Oliver evolution potato salad. Maybe I'll use some of Emulsify's bacon olive oil in the salad...

Thursday: pasta with sundried tomato pesto

Friday: Spicy shrimp with yogurt (in case you are wondering about all the yogurt, we bought yogurt at Costco because we've been eating a lot with homemade granola and well, it's a lot of yogurt) with jasmine rice and something green

Saturday: Dr. Pepper ribs, tomato cucumber salad

Sunday: St Paddy's Day chili and cornbread. We went to see the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Montreal the last year I still lived there and we got back we were pretty much frozen solid. I binged together some stuff from the fridge to make a chili and we've been making it every year since. It's tradition!

What are you cooking this week? Are you making anything for St. Patrick's Day?