Meal Plan Monday February 18

I have been so confused this whole long weekend. What do you mean today isn't Sunday? We're looking forward to this extra day off. The house is clean. We had dinner with friends last night, followed by a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity during which one of the players laughed so hard they fell off their chair. We started off our Monday morning with a very Canadian breakfast of peameal bacon sandwiches with maple mustard. Now we're going to be pretty darned lazy the rest of the day and spend most of it on our butts watching library DVDs. Yay free things!

Here's what we've got cooking this week:

Monday: Cabbage roll casserole (bumped from last week) and I'm cooking a batch of black beans in the slow cooker to eat later in the week.

Tuesday: Spicy Squash Galette from Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything Vegetarian. Two people mentioned this recipe on the same day over the holidays so I had to try it. Since I was poking around in the book anyway, I'm going to make his beer glazed black beans.

Wednesday: Pulled pork in the slow cooker (also bumped from last week), leftover black beans from Tuesday, and homemade tortillas. Maybe homemade coleslaw from the leftover cabbage.

Thursday: Just me at home - leftovers? soup?

Friday: Cannelloni and garlic bread

Saturday: Mustard-Apricot chicken drumsticks with veggies and rice or quinoa. Or maybe sweet potatoes.

Sunday: Ham and cheese potato casserole. The last time we made this we fought over the leftovers. So yummy.

Since people have requested it, I'm going to be posting a series of posts later this week here on about why and how I meal plan. I'm also going to do a post with how I find the recipes I add to my meal plans since we regularly try news ones.

What are you cooking this week?