No Meal Plan Monday December 2

I *gasp* don't have a meal plan this week. We didn't buy any groceries this weekend. Wait. That's not entirely truthful. We started buying the stuff we needed for Chex Mix, bought supplies for Rice Krispie squares, and I bought all the wine I need for the holiday season. Important stuff -- all of it -- but it has nothing to do with dinner.

The reason we don't have a plan and we didn't grocery shop is because we bought a new refrigerator. Our current one is, we believe, original to the house. Our house is 25 years old. It's loud. It clangs. It hums. It whirs. And in the odd moments it doesn't do any of those things I get worried it's died. We've been looking for awhile, knowing that a fridge would be our next "big" purchase.

And so it's being delivered on Tuesday and our ancient, beige-gold refrigerator is going to be taken away. Which means it needs to be empty. Our fridge hasn't been empty since the day we moved in. It hasn't even been close to empty. Our fridge is condiment heaven.

It's a great time of year to get a new fridge. We can take most of the stuff out tomorrow and stick it in the garage or on the deck and it will stay cold. It might freeze but hey! It will be cold.

We have a few tentative plans for later in the week when Cat is coming to visit. She's made some requests.

I'm hoping to be able to pull our some freezer meals this week to fill the gaps. Wish me luck!