Monday Meal Plan, December 16

I made fudge for the first time last week. Or maybe I should say I tried to make fudge for the first time last week. I failed. It tasted fantastic but was super soft. So I reboiled it. And ended up something that is closer to soft caramels than fudge. I'll try again some day but probably not before Christmas. At least the caramels can be cut and wrapped and taste good.

To offset the fudge failure the universe gave me some truly awesome Brussels sprouts. I don't dislike Brussels sprouts but I can be rather meh about plain steamed ones. I sliced up mine thin and rendered the fat out of some pancetta. Onc the pancetta was crispy I removed it and popped in the Brussels sprouts. I let them get a bit caramelized, tossed the pancetta back in and voila. Done. You know how I can tell they were a hit? Lee finished them before the ham and scalloped potatoes on his plate.

It's Lee's birthday today which means we'll be having traditional birthday pizza. Or at least we'll try. Last year the poor man ended up being sick on his birthday. I knew he wasn't feeling well but he went to bed early and asked me not to make pizza. Pizza is Lee's favourite food. When he turns it down you know he's sick. We're hoping that he'll be able to eat it this year! I handed over my laptop and the banana recipes board on Pinterest and let him pick out his own dessert. That will be a fun experiment since the cake he picked requires a minimum 12-inch cast iron skillet and my largest is 10-inches.

Meal Plan Monday, December 16

Monday: Birthday pizza! And upside down caramelized banana skillet cake with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch syrup.

Tuesday: Chicken pot pie. Lee makes this which means I don't have to cook. Yay!

Wednesday: Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes. We usually make meatballs this time of year but I am sick of my usual recipe and we have homemade swedish meatballs in the freezer.

Thursday: Leftovers.

Friday: Pasta with creamy garlic cauliflower sauce. And maybe shrimp. I haven't decided.

Saturday: Shredded beef tacos. Another clean out the freezer meal. I'm really liking clean out of the freezer meals this week.

Sunday: Slow cooker pork roast with spicy peanut sauce. We wanted something that would create leftovers for Monday because it will be time to do the annual OMG IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS flail. This recipe is quick, easy and delicious. I like to double up on the sauce because we're really pro-peanut sauce around here.

Extras: I need to make more Chex Mix. Yes. More. I also need to figure out what we're having for dessert on Christmas Day. I have a Christmas pudding in the fridge and while that would be plenty for this non-dessert eater the rest of the family would like to have something else. Maybe we'll make cupcakes.

What do you have for dessert after Christmas dinner?