A Different Perspective

I hate popcorn ceilings. We've slowly been waging wars on ours. It started in the master bedroom. We were nervous before we started. We'd read all the blog posts and and online advice. We talked to people at the local home improvement store. It was a big relief when we made the first scrape with the putty knife and watched as the popcorn easily fell to the floor. We didn't do a perfect job that day, and while we would do things slightly differently if we were to do it today, we were happy with the results. 

We did the dining room next. We changed things up. I took the day off work and did all the scraping by myself. Lee was in charge of sanding. I painted the edges and he was in charge of the rolling. I did a better job of scraping and the ceiling turned out well. 

We emptied the office last weekened because we were getting ready to have baseboards installed throughout the upper level. (Finally.) Once they were done we looked around, figured the office was already empty and it was a really godo time to paint it. If we were going to paint it, it was also and excellent time to depopcorn. 

The ceiling was slightly less fond of the idea of being depopcorned than I had hoped. There was one small section that came off in big beautiful chunks. One very small section. The rest of it came off teeny-tiny bit by painful teeny-tiny bit. 

At the end of it, my shoulders hurt. My arms hurst. My wrists hurt. My hands hurt. And I'm pretty sure I'll have bruises on my shins from bracing myself against the ladder. I pretty much hurt everywhere. 

A few years ago I was at a conference and hanging out at the Starbucks Canada sponsor booth because they had a place to sit. And coffee. And the people working in the booth were really friendly. At one point they handed us a swag bag with a Starbucks reusable cold cup. A conversation broke out among people in the booth about their favourite beverages to put in these cups. 

It's entirely possible that I may have piped up and mentioned that I was really happy with the cup because they are the BEST ones to use when you want to drink a gin and tonic while sitting on a lounger on your deck. It's also entirely possible that everyone turned to look at me in such as way that suggested they'd never considered it before. I also consider it likely that several of those people went home and did such a thing. 

I'd like to amend that statement. Those cups are the best ones to use when you hurt all over and want to drink a gin and tonic while sitting in a very hot shower. 

Not that I've tried it. (Often.)