Making Changes, Slowly

In about an hour someone will be showing up on my doorstep. Then it's going to get loud. There will be banging and saws and a nail gun and all the LOUD things. It will be a big change from the occasionally overwhelming quiet that usually marks my days of working from home. 

A few years ago, not long after we bought the house, I was fumbling for something to blog about. A friend suggested that I write about how we decorated the house and I had a good hearty laugh. After we moved in we had two priorities - putting in a new furnace and removing the disgusting carpet from the upper level. Hardwood floors were laid down and we replaced the furnace. And that was pretty much as far as "decorating" we did that first year. Eventually we started painting a room here, depopcorning a ceiling there, but other things just sat on the list. 

It's been three years since me moved in and put in the hardwood floors. In all that time we haven't had baseboards on the upper floor. Today that will finally change. Bonus? Our powder room will also be getting a brand new toilet -- one that hopefully flushes much better than the existing toilet. 

We're slow, but we get there. Eventually.