Meal Plan Monday November 4

There are times when you just need to step away from the plan. For us, it's usually do to schedule changes. All of a sudden someone will get home late or we'll do dinner with friends. Sometimes it's because I just plain goof up. A good example was Halloween night. Cincinnati chili was on our meal plan and we had everything ready to go. There was just one teeny tiny problem… I forgot to look at how long it needed to simmer. By the time I figured out it needed several hours it was far too late to start. Dinner would not have been done until close to 9pm. There are times when I'm ok with that but at this point I was already hungry. It was so not happening. It was time to make a change.

It just happened that we had another meal on our plan that required ground beef so we bumped Sunday night's dinner to Thursday and had Salisbury steak. Had that not been part of the plan we could have whipped up burgers, a pasta casserole, or sloppy joes. Theoretically we could have made the chili on Sunday but when I asked Lee on Saturday what he wanted (meaning: what do you want that we actually have?) he wanted ribs. Sunday night ribs it was! Not on our plan, not even close to on our plan, but all we had to do was pull the ribs and some homemade bbq sauce out of the freezer and we were good to go.

Our plans rarely turn out the way we think they will. We almost always end up shifting a meal from one day to another or turfing a meal completely. If I don't Wednesday's dinner on Wednesday, or even at all, it's not the end of the world. Changing the plan doesn't mean the plan was a failure… it just means life happened. Learning to roll with with the changes is a vital part of planning. And life.

Meal Plan November 4

Monday: Flank steak tacos with cilantro lime marinade and whatever veg I can scrounge up.

Tuesday: Firecracker chicken, rice and broccoli.

Wednesday: Burgers, french fries, and carrot sticks.

Thursday: Pasta carbonara.

Friday: Going out for pho! Mmm pho.

Saturday: Muffin-tin calzones.

Sunday: Roast chicken and vegetables. Maybe if I'm feeling generous I'll make stuffing bread.

What are you cooking this week?