Meal Plan Monday November 25

I'm probably going to have a busy week so I'm doing my best this week to keep things simple. If dinner can't be pulled together quickly, it's probably not going to happen.

Monday: Arugula duck salad. Leftover duck (Sunday night dinner), arugula, mandarin oranges = a main course salad.

Tuesday: Donair night! Mmm… donairs. The donair meat can be popped in the oven early in the day. Then I just need to slice it and give it a quick fry in the pan. I also need to make a new batch of donair sauce but that's easy to do while taking a five minute work break. I'll also need to chop some tomatoes and onions and reheat the pitas. Minimal hands on time and most of it can be done in advance.

Wednesday: Slow-cooker Thai chicken soup. It will only take me about 5 minutes to toss everything in the crockpot and then most of the work is done.

Thursday: Leftovers.

Friday: 10 minute garlic shrimp. Easy peasy.

Saturday: French bread pizza. We're going to the local Christmas parade that evening and we're going to want something warm and fast when we get home. I'll make the sauce and prep all the toppings before we go. When we get home all we'll need to do is heat up the oven, assemble and toss in the oven.

Sunday: Indian feast night! I haven't completely decided what to make. I know I'm going to make two dishes (plus rice) but I'm not sure what those two dishes will be. Since we go grocery stopping on Sunday mornings I still have some time to think about this.