Meal Plan Monday October 7

Well it certainly feels like Monday in October. It's cold and wet and my yard is covered in leaves. It's a big change from last week when it felt like summer. I'm torn between wishing the warmer weather would return and looking forward to the end of fall allergy season. Either way, I've spent most of today wishing for a nap.

Canadian Thanksgiving hits the end of this meal plan. Even though it's on Monday, we do all the food things on the weekend. First up a turkey dinner at a friend's place. Then we'll have our family over for lasagna on Sunday. All the food! Yay! It also means it's a short week for me because I'm going to take off both Friday and Monday (which is actually Thanksgiving). We're hoping the weather will be nice enough on Friday do to some fun things outside.


Monday: Sweet potato and black bean soup. It's a fall favourite for us. (Note: I cut back on the cumin a wee bit and add in some chipotle chile powder.)

Tuesday: Leftovers.

Wednesday: Burgers and oven fries. I think we're going to try some of the tomato jam I made last month on the burger. Ohhh and some caramelized onions. Yes!

Thursday: Lemongrass pork is another house favourite. Yum! We'll use it to make rice noodle bowls.

Friday: Spicy shrimp and jasmine rice. Quick, easy, and a light meal to get us prepared for a weekend full of food.

Saturday: Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house. Turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, the whole nine yards. We're contributing a yet-to-be-determined appetizer.

Sunday: Thanksgiving dinner with the family. My in-laws are coming over and we're doing the now traditional Thanksgiving lasagna. I'll make the sauce on Saturday and then I just need to do assembly on Sunday.

What are you cooking this week? What's your favourite appetizer to contribute to a big meal?