Is my hair curly? No. A bit. Maybe?

Earlier this week I posted this picture (yes, a #selfie) along with the caption that sometimes I'm too lazy to dry my hair so I let it pretend to be curly.

sassymonkey curly hair

And then I got a lot of replies that can basically be summed up as, "OMG! I didn't know you have curly hair. Why would you ever straighten it?!" because people were used to seeing me like this:

sassymonkey straight hair


The only difference between those two photos is that one day I let my hair air dry and the other day I blew it dry. Despite the fact that my hair is curlier when I let it air dry, I really don't ever thing of myself as having curly hair. Not really.

My hair has always been good at taking curl. If you put hot rollers in my hair I end up looking like Medusa after she's stuck her finger in an electrical socket. It was never really curly on its own though.

Then I switched from using cheap hair products to more expensive ones. And then last year I switched to using a tar shampoo from Lush called Soak and Float to help tame eczema flares. The interesting, though not especially surprising, thing that happened with each move away from inexpensive shampoos is that my hair got curlier. I'm pretty confident that it's a result of less product build up.

My hair has never been stick straight. It's always a bit of a wave to it. The absolute last thing I need is anything that says it's going to give my hair volume. I have all the volume I need and probably some to spare. I can do Big Hair is what I'm saying.

I also have a lot of hair. I tend to think of my not so much as thick as plentiful. I've never broken a hairbrush while attempting to brush my hair or anything, I just have a LOT of hair. That much hair also equals weight. I tried to explain to Lee that when you have this much hair, without really good layering, it gets heavy as heck and causes headaches. He still thinks I'm nuts but you all know what I'm talking about, right?

Getting back to the curly thing, after I wash my hair it's fairly curly. If I don't blow it dry and brush it and if I add product, I can hold the curls for about a day. I can't really control them, but I can sort of maintain them. But my hair is heavy which causes the curls to wilt. I go to bed with somewhat curly hair and wake up in the morning with big, uncontrolled, voluminous hair but nothing that could be considered curly.

I usually blow my hair dry because letting my hair air dry is an excellent way for me to start an eczema flare. Blowing my hair dry results in straighter hair and helps control the volume. Since I don't wash my hair every day (I'm a twice a week hair washer) doing curls a lot just isn't really practical.

Is my hair curly? Not really. A bit. Maybe.