DIY Inspector Gadget Halloween Costume

A friend of ours hosts a Halloween party every year. While they often have scary themes, I'm not so into scary costumes. Case in point, last year's theme has something to do with Hell and I went as Persephone. What? Totally appropriate! Generally, I tend to favour literary- and movie-inspired costumes.

One thing I've wanted to try for years, but it took a little convincing, was to get Lee to go as Inspector Gadget. This year was my year and we finally did it. The costume basics aren't really that hard. Trench coat. Pants. Gloves. Fedora. The big question was what we wanted to do with the hat. Did we want all the Gadget tools to pop out of it? Did we want the flashing light? Or did we want to go for the Gadgetcopter?

You can see what we decided.

Diy inspector gadget costume

Figuring out what to use as propellors was the hardest part. We thought about cutting shapes out of cardboard and using that. We ended up using some foam swords from the dollar store with handle cut off. Then the rest was just a red solo cup, 1/2-inch PVC pipe, a t-shaped PVV pipe connector inside the solo cup, some wire, and lots of duck tape. It took just over an hour to pull it together. We ended up adding an elastic chin strap to help keep the hat balanced. (The hand grips helped with that too.) No, our Gadgetcopter didn't rotate, though I did find a few different sets of instructions for that when I searched. 

Inspector Gadget was a bit hit. And you can't have Inspector Gadget without Penny!

penny inspector gadget

I had things super easy. Blonde wig. Red shirt with a white stripe. Done!

The only question is what on earth we're going to do next year. Maybe I should revisit my Mia Wallace costume?

Go, Gadget! Go!