Meal Plan Monday October 28

I'm having trouble believing it's the last week of October. It's been a busy month. I paid off my student loans. We had Thanksgiving. Twice! I started experimenting with a standing desk. We lined up someone to (finally) install baseboards on the second floor (next week! yay!). We went to a Halloween party. It was busy.

But Octobers are always busy. I wonder if our busy Octobers aren't an attempt to squeeze in everything before the cold of November wallops us in the face. The cooler weather does give me an excuse to pull out some hearty meals.

Monday: Leftovers, which is nice since it's just me at home tonight.

Tuesday: Red curry peanut chicken with rice. It's one of our favourites.

Wednesday: Some kind of chickpea salad -- probably smashed chickpeas.

Thursday: Cincinnati chili but I'm cutting the recipe in half because it makes way more than two people need! It seems like it will be a good meal to pop on the stove and let simmer while we hand out Halloween candy.

Friday: Pizza.

Saturday: Pork chops with Major Craig's chutney.

Sunday: Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes.

What are you cooking this week?