Meal Plan Monday, January 7

I didn't post a meal plan last week but we still had one and we mostly stuck to it. A few things got moved around and one meal got bumped because we were invited to a friend's place for dinner. All in all, a good meal planning start to the year.

Our freezer is full again so we're trying to buy very little this month aside from fresh produce. We plan most of our meals from our freezer anyway, but this month we'll be more actively seeking out recipes that fit with what we already have.

Monday: We pulled some pasta sauce from the freezer and I'll be making some baked pasta with it.

Tuesday: Lentil risotto (from The Big Book of Little Lentils)

Wednesday: Asian chicken lettuce wraps -- I was really happy when this recipe popped up in my feeds just after we bought 5 packages of ground chicken at a deep discount. Perfect timing!

Thursday: Sweet potato and black bean soup (freezer)

Friday: Pizza night

Saturday: Fish tacos. We have some pre-seasoned tilapia fillets in the freezer that I'll bake and chop up or shred to add to the tacos. I like green salsa on fish tacos so we'll pull a container of that from the freezer as well. I'll make a side of rice with this, I think. Or a salad. Or beans. Or some combination of all of the above. Maybe a rice and bean salad!

Sunday: Pierogies. I was going to make pierogies but Lee reminded me that we have a bunch in the freezer so we'll have those instead with... hmm, I wonder if we have sausage in the freezer. I'll figure it out before Sunday!

What are you cooking this week?