Meal Plan Monday January 28

I am having one of those busy, how the heck did everything on my to list end being for Monday days. Also, it snowed. And I didn't realize how much snow there was when I went to check the mail so now I'm soggy.

Monday: Lentil coconut curry from Yes, we're rocking the lentils again.

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes

Wednesday: Stuffed pork chops and mashed potatoes. The recipe I linked to... I probably won't follow it as much as follow the method.

Thursday: Sweet potato soup from the freezer.

Friday: It's ballet night (Romeo and Juliet!) so I'm pulling some of that lemongrass pork I made recently out of the freezer and we'll have that with rice or quinoa.

Saturday: Ham with slow cooker scalloped potatoes (thank you Stephanie!) and green beans.

Sunday: I'm going to be all alone because Lee is going to a friend's house. He'll be making jalapeno poppers and leaving me some. I'm not sure what I'll have. Maybe pasta?

What are you making this week?