Happy Robbie Burns Day: Friday Links January 25

 This post has absolutely nothing to do with Robbie Burns. I'm sure the pubs will be hopping tonight.


I'm not really sure how it got to be Friday. It was just Monday.
  • Fat As a Cocoon - Some of the bravest writing I've read in a long time. If you only click on one link in this post? Click on this one. Ann Douglas rocks.

  • Critical Reviews and Critical Advocacy - I love it when Kelly posts these kinds of posts. I like critical reviews. They frequently push me to read a book, probably more than a glowing review does.

  • The Evolution of Dinner - I still get the whole dinner/supper thing mixed up. Growing up dinner = lunch and supper=dinner and I still sometimes call lunch dinner and gah, it gets confusing. Also, I think we can now say that I've successfully weaned Lee off of Hamburger Helper. I just refused to make it for years, choosing instead to make a homemade version. Then last summer it was on sale and I caught him looking at it so I bought it. Alas, he discovered his body doesn't quite like it as much as it used to. ;)

  • I watched Wayne Earl's TEDxYouth video earlier this week and tissues were required. I recommend you have some at hand when you watch this. Dying is inevitable. Living is not. Tell people you love them. *sniff*