Brain Scooping Two-Handed Ass-Saving Machine: Friday Links, January 18

I need a better name for this series. Hi! Yes! Sometimes I AM Captain Obvious.

I'm exceptionally happy it is Friday. I woke up yesterday thinking it was Friday and was seriously bummed to discover it was Thursday. What I'm most excited about today is going to bed tonight. Our new mattress is getting delivered tonight and omg you guys! NEW! MATTRESS! *snore*

On to the links!

  • HRSDC loses personal information for more than half a million student loan borrowers - I found out about this Saturday morning and omg the ranting I did.  I confirmed yesterday that my information is secure but I'm still ranty on behalf of those people who were impacted. Don't get me wrong, I'm so very appreciative that the student loan program was available to me. I never would have received my degree without it. But it really burns me that the government's own policies for protecting people's information were not followed. Ranty. 

  • Dear Lily on 'How I Met Your Mother' -- Yes, Motherhood Is Hard - I only catch a few minutes of this now and then but we really don't watch all that many TV shows regularly so it's not really surprising. I think it's brave writing. Society tells us that every woman wants to be a mother -- or at least SHOULD want to be a mother -- and that if they don't like it they sure as heck should not admit it. They aren't supposed to admit they are struggling. Postpartum depression is more widely discussed than it was ten years ago but we've still got a long ways to go. I really hope that the writers continue this storyline and that they do it well.

  • Robert Langon: A Love Story - This is a repost from Maureen Johnson so it's been around for awhile but she pulled it out for the announcement of Dan Brown's next book. I haven't read any of his stuff because The Da Vinci Code was the one book that everyone told me I HAD TO READ IMMEDIATELY OMG AND THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU IF YOU DON'T and they would not shut up about it and I'm both contrary and stubborn so yeah... But this post got me closer to reading it than anything has before. Because how you can not want to read the book after hearing the character described like this: "This is also a man who could not save his own ass with a two-handed ass-saving machine..."  What does a two-handed ass-saving machine look like, you think?

  • The Brain Scoop - It's easy to pick on YouTube for having some bad content and even worse comment sections. But if you search you will find there are people making some truly fabulous original content. Sometimes that content creation changes lives. Emily is blown away by what has happened. When you read her post and watch the video, remember this -- she's a volunteer at that museum. It's not her job. She's not paid to be there. She just loves it that much.