Friday Links, January 11

It's been one of those weeks that both went by really quickly and was also completely exhausting. I've barely touched my feeds since the weekend and since I'm trying this whole procrastination challenge (as in NOT procrastinating) I haven't been trolling Facebook and Twitter as much and finding the really good lins. But here's a few to kick off your weekend

  • Keepin' It Real from Mel's Kitchen Cafe - Another behind the scenes in the life of a food blogger. Yes, food bloggers can plate things so they look pretty and take fabulous photos but their kitchens are every bit as likely to become as disaster zone as ours. Thank goodness. (And now I kinda want a KICmount.)

  • Real Snacks - After reading about the Real Snacks cookbook I promptly reserved it at the library. I'll be waiting awhile -- there's a big list of people ahead of me -- but I'l get it at some point. (I preview most cookbooks by grabbing them from the library. It's good for the book's circulation numbers and even better for my wallet since few of them make the cut to my "I need to buy this" list.)

  • Running in Cold Weather, tips and tricks from Cookin' Canuck - I wish I could run in cold weather but between breathing difficulties (cold weather triggers  asthma issues for me) and my Reynaud's isn't not the most practical option. I need to start pushing myself out of the house a little bit more though. I'm getting cabin fever. Luckily, I'm stocked up on toe warmers.

  • I love this video of a group of older gentlemen singing at a Tim Hortons in Oakville. Apparently they do this every week. I worked at a Wendy's/Tim Hortons and our customers were never this entertaining. Enjoy!