A New Year's Tradition

Lee and I don't do a lot for New Year's. We generally don't go out for New Year's Eve, something that served us well a few years ago when I got hit with the flu less than an hour before the ball dropped. I went from being fine to very, very sick in less than an hour. I was extremely happy to be home that night. Last night we had a quiet night, something that I appreciate all the more after that horrible New Year's Eve. We had a dinner of appetizers (mmm snacky noms), played a few games on the Wii, and then watched a movie. We were in bed before midnight.

We do have one tradition for New Year's Day though -- we eat yummy food. More than that, we eat food that we don't normally put in our meal plan. We splurge a bit. Over the last few years we've had racks of lamb and prime rib. I like starting off the new year with a special dinner. It feels like I'm setting things up for a good year of eating.

One of the things we did in 2012 was head down to Ohio to visit our favourite fire family. While we were there Jenna made us her Frenchy Deer Stew. Lee and I both like game and venison is one of our favourites. We were still unprepared for this stew. I swear it took every ounce of our individual manners not to sit there and lick our bowls clean. So when I was thinking of what meal I'd like to have to kick off a year of good eating, it was the first dish that came to mind.

We don't hunt. We don't have a supply of venison in our freezer so we went our on a search for venison. After exhausting the stores and butchers close to us -- including some where we know we've seen venison in the past -- we almost gave up. We were pretty sure that Saslove's had venison though so we ventured into the semi-unpaved side streets of Westboro. It seems it was meant to be since they had just enough in stock for us to make our stew. In the future we'll try making it with elk from the local elk ranch, but for this meal we wanted venison.

Later today I'll move my computer to the kitchen and start making our first fabulous dinner of the year. I'll chop vegetables and brown meat. I'll use a lot of red wine. I'll leave things to simmer. I'll roast baby potatoes. And after we eat our fill, Lee and I just might end up licking the bowls clean.

Resting with a glass of Newman Estates New Red on the deck. #roadtrip

Newman Estates New Red, photo taken during our PEI trip in July.

I'll raise my glass to wish you all a 2013 that is full off happiness, sparkles and good eats. Happy New Year.