Son of Neptune

son of neptune rick riordanI feel like hanging my head in shame. I read Rick Riordan's Son of Neptune shortly after it was released. I remember Lee was going to the movies with his brother and father so I hitched a ride with him and got him to drop me off at the bookstore. I bought the book (erm and a couple of others), treated myself to lunch and a bit of reading. And when the movie still wasn't over after that I sat on a bench outside the theatre in the fall sunshine and kept reading.

It was just so good to see Percy again! I liked the other characters in the Heroes of Olympus series. Jason is a good hero but he suffers from the syndrome called Not Percy and it just feels wrong to be in the Camp Half Blood world without Percy.

Percy isn't quite the same guy we've gotten to know. He feels like he's grown up a lot. Oh, he's still a little bit rash and he still has a thriving dislike of people assuming they have authority over him (especially Juno/Hera) but he's a little bit more thoughtful. He worries about the future a lot more, perhaps now because he thinks he might actually be able to have one with Annabeth. At least they might have a future if they could figure out a way to hide from all the monsters that want to kill them.

And there's not just any monster after them right now but the biggest of them all. Gaia has set her sights on rising again and basically ruining the world as well a know it. That's why Hera/Juno took Jason and Percy and switched them. It's been awhile since I've read The Lost Hero but I feel like Percy remembered faster than Jason did.

There are lots of secrets in Son of Neptune. Juno/Hero has her own (as always). Percy's new friend's Hazel and Frank each have secrets. Hazel, it turns out, is Nico's sister (Nico has to be involved, of course. Things just get too boring when he's not around.) but that's not her secret. Frank's secret... man, I just loved what Riordan did with Frank's background. It's awesome. Like The Lost Hero, Son of Neptune is told from more by more than just one character so both of them get their chance to tell the story along with Percy.

But my favourite part of the whole book? Tyson. I love Tyson and it was great to see him again.

Now, how long do I have to wait for The Mark of Athena? Because it's about darned time that Annabeth got a book.