On Noses

the scrapbook of frankie prattI was sitting and reading Caroline Preston's The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt when on the first page I noticed that Frankie felt the need to describe her nose to us. It was clear that she'd given much thought to her nose. It was noteworthy to her that it seems pointier when viewed from the left. I realized then that we no longer really talk about noses.

When I read contemporary novels they often talk about a characters skin or hair or breasts but they rarely discuss the nose. I remember that Anne Shirley took a great deal of comfort in her finely shaped nose (especially since Josie Pye's was not so fine). And that seems common of books set in that era.

I see the odd reference to a character having a button nose (if they are a "cute" character) or a hooked nose (if they are Snape) but rarely do we talk about people having fine noses.

Do we still consider noses to be fine? When did we stop discussing noses? Do you like your nose?

For the record, I have a perfectly fine nose.