Do All The Things

After the first week of February I started a post that never really got written. By started I mean I thought about it a lot. I composed in my head while not falling asleep. I composed in the shower. I composed brilliant shiny things that turned to ash when I attempted to put them down on paper.

And then... then I was just sad. I was sad about Rachel and Susan. They were two wonderful women and cancer took them on the same day. Cancer is kind of like a honey badger. It don't care. Cancer doesn't care if you are mother or a friend or a sister or a wife. It just comes.

Later that same week I found out that one of the authors I've worked with, Jeffrey Zaslow, was killed in a car accident. He was only 53. His latest book, which I'm assuming will now be his last, was called The Magic Room. It is about love and weddings and it was dedicated to his daughters. He had hope to see them pick out their own wedding dresses some day. It felt incredibly unfair that he wouldn't get to do that.

February was a whole lot of sad but it left me convinced of one thing -- you need to do all the things.

So often we put things on hold thinking that we'll have the opportunity to do it tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month. I'm not talking about the big things, but the little things. Stop saying tomorrow. Take those pictures. Say suck it to your to do list and go for that walk. Read that book in a bathtub filled with bubbles. Make that date. Tell someone you love them. Have drinks with your friends. Send the package. Go to the event. Write the email. Hop in the car and just drive. Laugh over the silly things. Make an ass of yourself. Sit on the steps and blow bubbles. Plant the flowers. Leave the dishes. Do them all because many of us have fewer tomorrows than we know.

Do all the the things.