Monday Meal Plan, December 3

After having planned a month of meals it was kind of shocking yesterday when I realized I didn't already have a plan for the coming week. Gah! So I sat in the train station with Cat and roughed out a meal plan. It maybe change! It may not! Who know! We're crazy that way.

Monday: Lamb stew. Just a little one. We probably won't have leftovers or maybe just enough for one of us to have tomorrow.

Tuesday: Cheese enchiladas! We haven't had cheese enchiladas in a long time. Yum!

Wednesday: Honey mustard chicken thighs and um... something.

Thursday: Soup! We have both sweet potato with black beans and tomato with white beans in the freezer. I'll pull one of them out and boom! Dinner's done!

Friday: Pizza. I think. We're going to a concert that night so whatever we eat it needs to be ready early.

Saturday: cheesy potatoes and ham

Sunday: Slow cooker pot roast

What are you cooking this week?