Virtual Advent Tour 2012: Making Memories

I love getting Christmas cards. It's nice to go out to the mailbox and get something besides junk mail and bills. As the coupons and discount codes for photo Christmas cards came rolling in this year I thought that maybe I would try making one this year. I turned to my photo archives and realized that I had exactly two pictures of Lee and I together at Christmas. Both were from 2008 and never saw the light of the internet because they were not very good.

It surprised me because the last few years, we've done a lot of things together. We've gone to the Nutcracker in two different cities. This will be our third year going to see Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe Christmas Concert. We've gone to holiday parties. More than that, for the last several year's I've participated in Andrea's holiday hourly photo challenge. I'm not always completely successful -- I did well in 2010 but fizzled out around 4pm in 2011 -- and I had assumed that there had to be at least one photo of Lee and I in there. Nope. I've also pulled out the DLSR most years and somehow never got a picture of the two us at Christmas with it.

We've been making holiday memories. We've been creating traditions. But we haven't been creating a record of them.

This year I've been making an effort to get photos of the two of us together. Yes, this mostly takes the form of selfies on my iPhone. I've been trying to get take photos of when we go on date nights and even sometimes when we don't.

Go to the movies? Selfy.

Date night! Again!
Dropping off a house guest at the train station? Selfy.

The camera was being weird. @lgagne58
Going to a concert? Selfy.

Sometimes we leave the house. Not often, but sometimes.
This is our fifth Christmas together. We've got some established traditions. Now we just need to start recording them with both us in the photo. Ten years from now, those will be the photos I treasure. It's time to make sure I take them.

How do you record your Christmas memories?

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