Christmas Breakfast

Growing up, Christmas morning we'd be up before 7am. It was not often we were up before 6am but definitely by 7am. Sometimes it was due to Christmas day excitement. Other times it was because my mother was getting up early to prep the turkey. We'd open our stockings -- the one thing that we were allowed to open without everyone being up -- and make a breakfast of whatever chocolate and candy was in there. There were usually oranges and nuts around to snack on. And more chocolate. There was always a lot of chocolate. so we'd nibble during the day.

We ate Christmas dinner pretty early, usually between 1 and 2pm, so there wasn't a real pressing need for a meal before it. It was obvious that we were going to fill up on the treats in our stocking and we were left to just do it. Breakfast was one less thing on the to do list that day (and fewer dirty dishes).

But now I eat Christmas dinner later in the day. I go to midnight mass with Lee and his family and I trust me, no one wants me to get up at 6am to start the turkey preparations when we've only gotten home at about 1:30am. I'd be tired and cranky and totally work up a martyr complex. Now we aim for dinner at 4pm, which usually means we're sitting down to eat at around 5:30. (My timing skills? Lack finesse.) In the afternoon, after Lee's family arrives, I'll put out a meat and cheese platter to snack on so no one is famished when dinner arrives on the table 90 minutes later than originally scheduled. And approximately 10 minutes after we sit down I'll realize I forgot to make the green beans. Again.

I'm at a complete loss as to what to do for Christmas breakfast. I'm not accustomed to thinking about Christmas breakfast. And if I'm being honest, breakfast is my least favourite meal of the day. I generally try not to think about it. Yet we need to eat breakfast on Christmas day because when I don't eat and I'm busy running around in the kitchen I can morph into Cranky MacGrumpypants pretty darned quick.

christmas pancakes
Image credit: Pippin Graham on Flickr

I just... I don't know what to have. I suggested mini-quiches to Lee (easy! just throw in the oven!) but he was rather unenthusiastic. Stacy thinks I should make a strata and Annie is thinking of an egg casserole, both of which I could scale down to two servings. (Trust me, there's not much room in our refrigerator on Christmas day -- leftovers are not welcome.) Suzi makes German pancakes every year and I kind of like that idea, too.

What do you have for breakfast on Christmas morning?