Meal Plan Interrupted, December 17

Yesterday was going to be a good day. We were going to limit our news consumption, because I simply could not watch more. We were going to go grocery shopping. We considered and then discarded the idea of going to see The Hobbit. We were going to quietly celebrate Lee's birthday, as we do every year, but all the more exciting for him this year because it was football Sunday. There would be homemade pizza and banana poke cake.

Things did not go as planned. Lee was... well let's say he was out of sorts and in a mood earlier in the day with no good explanation. We hashed it out, picked ourselves up and moved on with our day. We made a meal plan. We went grocery shopping. I baked a cake and made banana pudding. I prepped the pizza dough and while it was rising we watched the final episode of Ken Burns' Prohibition series. I started making the sauce and as it was simmering Lee asked if we could bump pizza to another night.

You need to understand that Lee could possibly eat pizza for every meal. I've never seen him turn down pizza. Ever. Especially not homemade pizza. And then at barely 6pm he went to bed. He didn't stay there for long and was up and down all night.

The stomach bug that is making the rounds has entered our house. What a lovely birthday gift for Lee! Not. Several other people in his office are out today with the same bug so I know where to point my finger. Stupid germs!

If history is any indication, I'll be hit with it shortly. The chance of us following anything even close to this meal plan is pretty slim. And we probably should have bought more bread at the grocery store.

Sunday: Pizza and birthday cake

Monday: Vietnamese grilled lemongrass pork (This is already marinading so we made end up cooking it and freezing it rather than eating it.)

Tuesday: Chicken tortilla soup

Wednesday: soup/leftovers

Thursday: maybe dinner out?

Friday: Pasta with sauce from the freezer

Saturday: leaving open

Sunday: leaving open

What are you cooking this week?