Jingle, Jingle

No, not that kind of jingle - not the fun, festive kind. This is the jingle I hear in the middle of the night. It's the jingle that comes from Piper's collar and indicates that she's on the prowl and that will keep me awake until she's quiet again.

It's been almost a year since Piper brought us a present in the middle of the night. Since then we've had a few more mice make it into our house, but thankfully no more have made it into our bedroom. (Erm... as far as we know and I prefer to keep thinking that way.)

We've done our best to mouse-proof the house. We've examined the inside and outside. We've looking in the basement ceilings. We've tried to fill all the crooks and crannies we can find. We've moved to storing as much as possible inside plastic and glass containers. We were starting to feel a little bit optimistic that we'd been successful.

Yesterday was really the first truly cold day of the year so, of course, when I woke up at 3am I heard the jingle, jingle of Piper's collar as she prowled and pounced around on the main floor. I listened to her for a few minutes and then it got quiet. I heard her creep into bedroom and I turned on the light to make sure she wasn't carrying a present. Lee has been blissfully sleeping but as soon as I turned on the light he knew what was up and I told him that cat had been having an adventure. Ok, maybe he wasn't quite awake yet since I'm pretty sure he muttered back, "In the elevator?" but he got up and bumped around downstairs checking the traps.

We found nothing, as too be expected. But I'll be waking up every night to see if I hear the jingle, jingle that indicates that creatures are stirring... especially a mouse.