Lee gets up before I do. He's usually already left for the office by the time I get up. When he gets up he makes the coffee and it's ready and waiting for me when I roll our of bed. Each morning as I head to the kitchen I'll wonder which mug he's left out for me.

Something I do everyday #fmsphotoaday I come downstairs and wonder which mug Lee left out for me.

Every now and then I wonder if there's a message to the mugs. Does he think I'm extra tired on the morning he leaves out the large Random House of Canada mug? Why are the I Heart NYC mugs most likely to be used on the weekends? Is he sending me some kind of message when he leaves out the "Domestically Disabled" Anne Taintor mug?

This morning it was the Kobo mug. I wonder if he knows it's a chalkboard mug and we have chalk in the junk drawer so that he could leave me an actual message.