Two More Sleeps!

My friend Cat will be here in two more days and I'm excited! We haven't had many overnight guests since we moved in. Actually, we've only had one he was easy to please. He has spent the previous week sleeping on the floor of his new apartment because his furniture was in our city and his trip was part of retrieving it. We could have put a mattress in the garage and he probably still would have been, "ZOMG! A bed!"

That's not to say Cat's a high maintenance guest. I'm pretty sure the last time she came go visit me we didn't even have a guest bed that didn't need to be inflated. So yes, real bed! She's moving up in the world. Granted, she's allergic to Piper so I washed all the linens again in case Piper had been chilling out in the linen closet. And the pillows. And I'm vacuuming the mattress.

Sheesh! Cat, you ARE high maintenance. It's a good thing you are easily amused by board games. ;-)