Art Is Hard

Now that we've finished painting the dining room, I'm starting to think about part. While we likely wouldn't put up art until after the holidays anyway, there's a bigger problem -- I don't know what I want.

The best advice I ever received regarding decorating is to decorate with items you love. If you love it, it will work. I happen to think that's great advice, the only problem being that I don't know what I love.

I don't know what's "ME." I can rule out all kinds of things that aren't me. That's easy. Really, really easy. The problem is pinning down what actually is me. That is much, much harder. Plus, it seems, that things are me are expensive.

Right now, the only piece of art we have in the dining room is a glass bowl I bought in Venice. It was, of course, expensive. Especially when you do the conversions from the Euro into Canadian dollars, something I don't recommend doing because it will give you heart palpitations. Luckily the wine I drank both before and after the purchase was delicious and cheap. So was, oddly, the shipping.

We have one unbroken wall on which I'd like to display art. The only teensy problem is that some day that may not be an unbroken wall. We've talked about putting French doors along that wall to open things up, something I was rather eager for in the beginning but am currently on the fence about. (Doing that would move the main tv viewing into the basement. I didn't buy a house so that I could spend all my time in the basement.)

So, art. It's hard.