Fake? Or Real?

So, it's time for the annual Christmas tree dilemma. Do we put up a fake tree or a real tree?

I grew up with real trees. I LOVE real trees. Yet we own a fake tree because Lee did not grow up with real trees and he lured me into the fake tree business last year by pointing out that we can leave a fake tree up longer, which means MORE CHRISTMAS. It was not the first time we had looked at fake trees. Previous attempts, however, had left me in tears. And no, I am not joking. I found the trees at Canadian Tire so depressing a few years ago that I actually started crying. In the store. But we did eventually find one that didn't make me cry (sorry, Canadian Tire, not at your store) soooooo... last year we put up a fake tree.

I refused to let Lee throw out the tree stand though. Because I might want a real tree. (Hahaha, I'll always want a real tree.) And now it's that time of year where I start the real or fake debate. Am I going to put up the fake tree? Which I could do RIGHT NOW? Or am I going to wait until the end of the first week in December and put up a real tree?

Gah! Decisions!

Do you put up a fake tree or a real tree?

Just a note: Yes, I'm aware of the dangers of a real tree. And of fake trees. And of the environmental impacts of both. Please don't get preachy and judgey in my comments because really, LUMP OF COAL.