Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Yes, we went to see it. Yes, we went to see it in the theatre. And yes, when I say we I am including Lee.

Something awesome - so much fromage and you know fromage is awesome. #fmsphotoaday

It started back when the first movie was released and I was writing about it for BlogHer. I had to see it and so we went and well, we positively delighted in the cheese. Back then, it was low-budget cheese. I mean, does it get any better than the poor CGI effects used to turn Edward into a human disco ball sparklepire? IT DOES NOT

Unless you are talking about the cheese in the next book with the werewolf fursplosions.

Ok, honestly I don't even really remember the third movie and I've seen it at least twice. Except that there was bonus awesome Jane/Dakota Fanning vampire goodness.

And then in Breaking Dawn Part 2 there was the fabulously BAD telepathic wolf scene.

I don't even know where to start with the fabulous cheese in Breaking Dawn Part 2. I just don't. Vampire sex? The awesome beheadings? The bait and switch?

Too. Much. Fun.