What I Did On My Day Off: Day Three

Otherwise known as the day I spent almost breaking out into tears at the drop of a hat and just want to be done. Also, #OMGRED paint day.

It's really very red.

Red. Very red.

It went on lighter than were were hoping but it did darken when it dried. Thank goodness.

Rolling on the first coat. #omgred

The second coat helped even things out quite a bit.

Second coat on progress. I'm tired. And getting cranky.

I'm tired. And a bit cranky. And waaaaayyyyy sensitive to any remark about anything that isn't "OMG that looks FAB" or "Would you like some wine and a home-cooked dinner?"

Because when you are on your third coat of #omgred on the walls and you are facing the possibility of a fourth coat? This shade of red looks damned fine.

When you realize you will probably need another coat of #omgred on the walls, this red looks pretty damned good.

PS. Red paint goes on patchy as hell. And no I don't want advice on how we should have done it better unless you REALLY want me to burst into tears.