What I Did On My Day Off: Day 2

Today was pretty much the same yesterday but minus one breakfast out and with Lee doing more of the work than me. I got to sleep in, which was blissful. At least right up until the roofers started working on our neighbour's roof but that's fine. It was almost 9am and we're probably almost as happy as our neighbour is about the new roof. No more shingles blocking our gutters. Woo!

It was Lee's turn to rock the sexy mask and goggles look as he sanded the ceiling to catch any rough spots I missed and/or created when I scraped the popcorn off yesterday.

It's his turn to rock the sexy

Of course, no project is complete without one argument, in this case about the breathing mask. I kept yelling at him to keep it on* and he kept saying he hated it. I told him to suck it up and left the room so I didn't continue to growl at him while he sanded the ceiling. I believe he kept it on since he had it on every time I walked by.

When he finished I did clean up while he ran out to get a movie to watch tonight and picked up lunch. Then it was time to start painting. I know some people recommend a skim coat over the drywall before you paint but most of DIY sites I looked at back when I was researching this in January actually didn't say to do that so we've never done it. I'm sure a professional would tell you to. I figure with our abilities, the minor imperfections that will make it through a couple of coats of primer and paint are less than what would result if we attempt to skim coat. So, take from that what you will. We didn't do it. Decide for yourself.

We have a long-handled roller but he says he can see better this way.

We didn't tape and took the paint down on to the walls a bit. We did this for two reasons. We really wanted to work the paint into the corners between the walls and the ceiling. They can get a bit ragged after the scraping so we wanted to even them out a bit. The second reason is that we're hoping it will give us a cleaner line between the ceiling and the walls when we paint them tomorrow. We'll see.

Already looking so much better. #popcornsucks

We have a paint primer combo and it's looking pretty good after one coat! Lee's applying the second coat right now. And yes, before anyone asks, we do have a long-handled roller but he said he could see how it was applying better with the short one and he was the one doing it I really didn't care. (I pick my battles. My battle was the breathing mask.)

Once Lee finishes the second coat we'll be done for the day. I've already got most of the taping done around the doorframes, etc. so we can get up tomorrow and start on the walls! We're hoping to only need two coats on the walls but since we're doing red we might need three. It's two hours between coats with this paint so it's possible to do three coats in one day if we start early. Fingers crossed that it goes well!

* He has allergies AND he's had a horrid cough that is just on the mend and requires an inhaler. I feel justified yelling at him about this. Ahem.