What I Did On My Day Off: Day 1

Some people take days off work to do fun things. I do that sometimes. But then there are days like today where I take days off to do Projects. Yes, Capital P Projects.

When we moved into the house we didn't change much. We put in a new furnace because ours was 20 years old and we had visions of it dying in the middle of a January snow storm. We also had the upstairs carpets pulled out (which may or may not have also been 20 years old) and replaced with hardwood floors. After that we were pretty much done. And broke. The only other thing we did that first year was paint the spare bedroom. Yes, off all the things in the house we made that a priority. It was pink. And had fairy stickers on all the doors. And so very, very not us.

This year, it seems, was our Year of Doing House Things. Last winter we de-popcorned the bedroom ceiling and repainted the whole thing. It was also a de-pinkification. The colour in there was some kind of off-white with an undertone of dusty rose. Ick. We aslo put up curtains and bought new lamps. It feels cozier now and more us.

Then in one week this fall we stained the deck, sealed the driveway and painted the main bathroom. After loving the change to the bathroom so much I turned my eye to the dining room. I was tired of it being beige. I am not a beige dining room kind of girl, it seems. It was easy as pie to convince Lee that it needed to be painted and only slightly more work to sell him on red. So I booked a couple of days off, that got bounced around and ended up landing in this week.

So this morning, I got up earlier than I do even on days when I actually work. I saw the sunrise.

Pretty sunrise #nofilter

We went out for breakfast with our former coworkers and friends.


I came home and got ready to tackle the ceiling in the dining room. In doing so, I brought sexy back.*

Bringing sexy back

Then I made a big mess.

It makes such a big mess.

But I finished the ceiling.

Ceiling is done...

Then I cleaned up (most of) the mess, had a shower and opened a beer. I'm going to eat pizza and if the blister on my thumb doesn't end up being a liability, I'm going to play video games. Or maybe have a nap. And then tomorrow, I'll do more stuff and make more mess but Lee is taking off the day so we get to make a big mess together. Fun!

* It is entirely possible that an hour or so into making the mess the doorbell rang and I answered it while looking like that but covered in dust, wearing grungy painting clothes and while Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" blared in the background.