The Friendliest Stranger Ever

A few weeks ago Lee and I were coming home late one night when something darted out from our neighbours yard and on to our doorstep. Enter the orange kitteh, the friendliest cat in the world.

We have a number of cats that wander through our yard. As far as we can tell none of them are strays but indoor/outdoor cats. The only one that comes around regularly and interacts with us is a grey cat we've named Rocky because he looks like a rough and tumble kind of guy. I'd seen the orange cat from a distance but never while I was actually outside. We quickly discovered that the only way to keep any distance between yourself and the orange cat is to be on opposite sides of a door.

Orange kitteh, it turns out, is the friendliest cat in the world. Rocky will approach us and even jump up on my lounger from time to time if I'm hanging out on the deck, but he's also still a bit aloof. He's a bit jumpy and skittish. Orange kitteh? Orange kitteh just loves you SO MUCH.

That first night, not only did orange kitteh love us and roll all over our shoes but was also determined to get into our house. Lee is not quite as skilled at the open the door while pushing a small creature away move that one develops when they grow up with pets. He managed to squeeze in through the door while I distracted the cat. Despite my years of practice at getting in the door while leaving an animal on the other side, I just barely made it. My handbag was insufficient at holding off orange kitteh. He (I don't know that it's a he, I'm just going to go with it) was about to hop over it and into the house just as I squeezed the door closed.

We didn't see orange kitteh for weeks but laughed about it from time to time. At least we laughed until last night when Lee was grilled burgers in the dark. Orange kitteh, it seems, is also Stealth Kitteh. He seems to favour suddenly appearing out of the dark. It's all, "Poof! I AM HERE AND I WILL SHOW YOU MY LOVE." Last night, orange kitteh decided he wanted to be Lee's sous chef and help him BBQ.

Random orange kitteh helps Lee BBQ.

Lee, it must be said, is completely befuddled by orange kitteh. Orange kitteh does not act anything like Piper. Piper does not jump up on prep tables. Piper does not attempt to jump on the stove. Piper does not attempt to climb your pants, wind herself around your feet, or plop herself down on your shoes and roll all over them while you are trying to walk. As I mentioned, Lee did not have pets growing up and didn't have a lot of exposure to cats. His response to orange kitteh was to ring the doorbell by the deck and plead for help. While I'd love to mock him for that (because that would be fun), truthfully orange kitteh is a handful and a half. The situation was not aided by Piper sitting on the inside of the door and hissing at orange kitteh.

We had to lock Piper in the bathroom while Lee brought in the burgers because we weren't sure that he'd be able to get into the house without his new bestest friend following him in. And well, Piper's territorial. We did managed to keep orange kitteh out but I had to send Lee back outside to close the cover of the BBQ because I was convinced that orange kitteh was going to jump up on it and burn himself. This ended up being a smart move since as soon as he closed it and came back inside orange kitteh decided to jump on the side burners (which were off, it was fine) and do some exploring. We ate dinner and then when Lee went out to pull the cover over the BBQ, POOF! Orange kitteh once again appeared out of the dark to help Lee.

So, we've made a new friend in the neighbourhood, not that he really gave us much of a choice about it. We *will* be loved by him.

I think orange kitteh needs a name. Any suggestions?