Bye Bye Trees

We live along a hydro corridor. I know that it is not something that appeals to a lot of people, but it works for us. There are no towers visible from our yard so the most we notice it through the hum coming off the power lines from time to time. It also means that houses will not be built directly behind us. The area along the hydro corridor was planted with trees and filled in with brush. It's home to birds and squirrels and occasionally provides some cover for the neighbourhood deer. It also provided us with a certain measure of privacy.

A hydro crew was in today and cleared out a bunch of trees and a lot of the brush. We've lost a little bit of the privacy we really enjoyed. We aren't really complaining. The hydro company owned the trees and they can do with them as they wish. It just makes me a little sad when trees are cut down and well, we really did like that extra bit of privacy.

They are trimming trees on the trail. She does not approve. It's loud.

Piper didn't approve of the noise the chainsaws and wood-chipper made. And the birds did not approve of the fact that some of their favourite hangouts had disappeared. I sympathize with the birds.

And I'm thankful we finally got around to putting curtains on our bedroom window as it's suddenly much less private than it used to be.