Meal Plan Monday, November 12

Our first week of our four week meal plan went mostly as planned. We stuck with our plan right up until Friday when things went a wee bit off. A friend called me late Friday afternoon asking we wanted to go see Blackie and the Rodeo Kings because a friend of hers had extra tickets. I don't know them very well but I knew some of the guests so I said yes without telling Lee. heh! The timing of the show changed our schedule so we headed out for a quick dinner. Our Friday meal got bumped to Sunday and our Sunday meal was just bumped off the plan completely.

We did go grocery shopping yesterday for something besides milk and bread. It was mostly stuff for lunches, which we don't plan, and a few treats. Mmm fresh apple cider.!

Monday 11/12: Apricot mustard chicken thighs (freezer, recipe from Dinner: A Love Story), quinoa and green beans (freezer)

Tuesday 11/13: Bison burgers (freezer) and asparagus spears (freezer)

Wednesday 11/14: Black bean (freezer) enchilada casserole

Thursday 11/15: Soup (freezer) and demi baguette (freezer)

Friday 11/16: Pizza - not sure if it will homemade or take out. If it's homemade we have pizza sauce in the freezer. I bumped my days off from last week to this week so I suspect we'll do take out. I don't think I'm going to want to make pizza after working on the dining room all day.

Saturday 11/17: Lamb stew (we have lamb and tomatoes in the freezer)

Sunday 11/18: Ham (freezer) and cheesy potatoes and either green beans (freezer) or broccoli (fresh)

What are you cooking this week?