Weekend Cooking: Halloween Style

When I tweeted that I'd be making Mason Jar Graveyard Spooky Cakes on Twitter this morning, Beth Fish Reads recommended that I add it to this week's Weekend Cooking linky. Ok!

Every year our friend hosts a Halloween party and when I volunteered to bring something spooky she agreed. I love mason jars and when I found this recipe on the BlogHer Loves Holidays Pinterest board I was sold. They are actually really easy to make but, of course, I made a few changes. Some of the changes were out of necessity, some just because I'm me.

First, a note on the original instructions. Cathy recommends filling the mason jars up half way but I found that mine puffed up too much and I ended up having to scoop some out. I'd fill them up a little less than half. I got the same yield as she did -- 22 cakes -- which is a bit more than I needed but I won't complain about extra cake!

Cathy used chocolate frosting for a creamy centre but I'm not a big fan of frosting. Instead, I filled a squeeze bottle full of caramel sauce and used that in the centre. Who doesn't like caramel sauce? If you do that you'll end up topping up the caramel a few times.

The only gummy worms I could find were sour worms so mine are a bit more pastel than spooky. It's all good!

Believe it or not, the grocery store we went to didn't have Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies. Shocking but true! I substituted some jumbo ladyfingers that I chopped in half. The grocery store didn't have black decorator's gel either but I decided that red was just as festive.

A whole graveyard full of spooky cakes! I think they turned out pretty good considering I am not at all good with finicky things. I'm rather impressed with myself!

Are you making any spooky Halloween goodies?