My Secret Project: DIY iPad Stand

I know a bunch of people who take part in Love, Laughter and Insanity's Pin It, Do it Challenges and while I totally get why they do them, I don't generally sign up for them because I actually do make a lot of recipes that I pin. I've also been busy doing things like painting my bathroom, wishing we had a home renovation fairy that would retile the same bathroom for free, picking out a shade of red to paint my dining room, debating whether or not to depopcorn the ceiling the dining room, and staining our deck. I even sometimes take pictures of these things with grand plans of blogging about them but either decide that my pictures suck (and they frequently do), or I get distracted by SHINY. Which is really a nice way to say I'm lazy. Besides, we established long ago that I'm a bad blogger.

Of all the pins that I pin on Pinterest and I generally do not expect to ever do are the ones that hit my "I Wish I Was Crafty" board. I am really not crafty. I appreciate that other people are, and I really like the stuff I pin there, but I know I'm not going to make it. I might sometimes wish other people would make the stuff and give them to me, but hahaha we all know that's not going to happen. The only thing more likely not to happen is for me to make something.

But I did.

Earlier this year, natalme posted a DIY Tablet Stand tutorial on BlogHer. I loved it. I pinned it and every now and then I'd look at, click through to the post, and think that I could make it. I could certainly use it. I use my iPad in the kitchen a lot, frequently while making recipes that I've pinned on Pinterest. We've been going to the hardware store a lot. We've bought paint, and driveway sealer, and mouse traps. (Yes, we still are getting the odd mouse. No, we haven't had any more late night surprises THANK GOODNESS.) On our last trip I picked up all the things I needed to make my very own iPad stand - wood glue, stain (we had some walnut but I loved how the ebony stain looked in natalme's and wanted it myself), a medium plinth block (3 1/2 x 6 inches), and a casing block. My casing block is kind of flower-y and I'm not a particularly flower-y person but it's the one I liked best among the options I had.


I got set up and laid down some old newspapers. I placed the casing block on the plinth block more or less where I thought it should go and then tested it with my iPad. When I was satisfied I marked it off in pencil and reached for the glue. As usual, I used more glue than I really needed. A few q-tips to the rescue and the excess was no longer a problem.

And then I had to let it sit to dry. So I waited, and I waited. And I went to sleep. And then the next day I waited a little bit more. Finally, it was dry and I wasn't scared to move it!

The step I forgot to picture is a tip I picked up on Pinterest but apparently did not pin. I don't do projects enough to justify buying anything special to prop up items that I'm painting. Instead, for the odd painting project I tackle I've just stuck thumb tacks on the bottom of the item (they've all been wood) and voila! A propped up project. It took me about five minutes to stain this and I made more of a mess cleaning the brush than I did actually using it. And then the waiting started again.

I left it alone for about 24 hours and finally it was done! It was time to test it out.

Perfect! And here's a view from the back where you can see the flower-y casing block. (And you can catch a glimpse of my very fab Mabel's Labels label - if you travel, label your tech!)

I've been using it for a few days now and I love it. It's narrow enough that it doesn't take up much of my very limited counter space. Something I really love is that the plinth board has two different grooves, which means my iPad can be propped up at two different angles. I've also found it really nice to set it on the counter and play YouTube videos or listen to music or audio books while I'm cooking.

My materials cost me a little bit more than nataleme's but it was still pretty darn cheap. If stain isn't your thing you could also use paint or spray paint.

It's perfect. It's exactly what I wanted. I love it.

I'm still not crafty.