The Two Dukes of Wyndham

I've stepped back a bit from my romance reading rut of a few weeks ago and well, I'd like to tell you I'm balanced now but realistically I'm on a non-fiction jag.  I am still peppering my reading with the odd romance title here and there. One of the things that I like about romance as a genre is that I feel like romance authors are sometimes allowed to do things that other authors may not. A good example is Julia Quinn's Two Dukes of Wyndham series, though perhaps series is not the right word. Do two books count as a series when one is not the sequel? Hmmm...

the lost duke of wyndham julie quinnHave you ever read a book really wondered what the scene would be like from another character's perspective? With Two Dukes of Wyndham Quinn tells us the story of Jack, a man who was raised in Ireland by his aunt after his parents died. He was born with the last name of Cavendish and then took the name of Audley, his aunt's name. He grows up, leaves school, becomes a soldier and then later a highwayman. One night he stops a carriage containing the dowager Duchess of Wyndham and her companion Grace Eversleigh. It was an act that changes all their lives. You see, Jack Cavendish-Audley is the son of the duchesses second son. No one knew he existed. Now that they've found him, assuming his birth was legitimate, he is really the Duke of Wyndman.

mr cavendish i presume julia quinnMeanwhile that title is being held by Thomas Cavendish, the only son of the duchesses youngest son. Whom she loathed. She's not so fond of Thomas either. (And no one at all is very fond of her. The dowager is a bit of a hag.) Thomas has spent his entire life knowing that he'd be the Duke of Wyndham. He's also been engaged to one Lady Amelia Willoughby since she was six months old. He's largely ignored her and she's pretended not to care. Just when it seems that they are starting to get to know each other, and perhaps even fall for each other, Jack appears on the scene and all of their expectations come crashing down.

The Lost Duke of Wyndham is told from the alternating perspectives of Jack and Grace. Mr. Cavendish, I Presume is the exact same story told from the perspectives of Thomas and Amelia. Except it's not really the exact same story. There are scenes that overlap and we get to see them different points of view and the overall story arc is the same... but they are two different stories.

I probably enjoyed The Lost Duke of Wyndham more but is it because I read it first? If I had read Mr. Cavendish, I Presume first would I have liked that more?

As a writing exercise I find it fascinating and it makes me wonder what other books I'd like to read from a different character's point of view. What would Anne of Green Gables be like told from Gilbert's point of view? Or Josie Pye? There is a glut of books out there about Pride and Prejudice as told from Mr. Darcy's perspective (I rather like Pamela Aiden's series) so I've stopped wondering about that. And yes, I would read Midnight Sun, Twilight told via Edward if it were to ever be published because I simply cannot help myself.

What books would you like to see told from a different perspective?